What Does Dysautonomia Impact?

My personal checklist from this graphic:


Fatigue, brain fog, chronic migraines & fainting since I was 14, lightheadedness


Dry mouth, tooth decay, difficulty swallowing


Dryness, sensitivity to light, greyed out vision


Dryness, reduced sweating


Tachycardia, bradycardia, palpitations, chest pains,

Blood vessels:

Hypotension, poor perfusion

Immune Cells:

Increased allergies

Bladder: None


Bloating, Nausea, vomiting, pain


Impaired motility, constipation, pain

The graphic is correct. There IS much more. I believe my gastroparesis is caused by my Autonomic Dysfunction. I believe there is also a correlation between the fibromyalgia and the Autonomic Dysfunction as well.

3 thoughts on “What Does Dysautonomia Impact?

    1. Glad you shared it too. Some of their informational graphics haven’t changed much over the years. I have a folder with them and check their Facebook site for new ones regularly. Comics from @potsiespoons are wonderful awareness tools though.


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