Armadillos, Possums, Coyotes, and New Pups 

I live where street lights don’t exist.  I know all my neighbors and while we know each other, we aren’t that close. We are private people. Most of the people on my hill have families who date back a few generations in this community like mine. Stay with me I promise I’m going somewhere with this story. I’m trying to explain how rural and isolated I am. We rarely see cops unless there is a wreck or a high speed chase happens to come into our area. I know that if someone breaks into my home, the response time is approximately 45 minutes when I dial 911.

Back in the spring, I had a case of insomnia so Phoebe the Dachshund and I were snuggling in the recliner. Suddenly, I heard a chilling yipping sound followed by several more in the front yard. Phoebe hopped off my lap barking furiously at the same time Ginger, our outside dog started barking. I opened the front door.

To my horror, four coyotes had Ginger surrounded on our front porch!  I screamed for my husband to grab the shotgun while slamming the door. I grabbed my rollator and struggled to get into the bedroom to wake him up. He met me halfway, and I explained what was happening. Of course, when I screamed, the coyotes headed for the woods. They weren’t sticking around with humans in the yard. We let Ginger in the house. My husband went outside to make sure they’d left the yard, but I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. We were used to seeing coyotes in the field across the road. This was the first time we’d ever spotted them in our yard in over two decades.

We also have an armadillo harassing Ginger. Ginger is a senior dog. She’s half corgie and half dachshund. She’s rather harmless. The armadillo knows this. I’ve actually named this armadillo because it has become a fixture in our yard!  If you look on my Instagram, there is a photo. Dilla antagonizes poor Ginger. Dilla also digs holes ALL in the yard. I’m having trouble using my rollater and power chair now thanks to Dilla. While it HAS cut down on the tick population like the possum that has also harassed poor Ginger all summer long, Dilla has become a nuisance.

My husband and I don’t believe in killing animals unless you are going to do it humanely and eat them OR if they have to be euthanized because there is no hope OR if they are trying to kill you or your pets.  Therefore, Dilla, the possum and the cat food stealing raccoons are safe from us.

So…To combat our coyote issue in a nonlethal manner, we got two blue heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) puppies on Sunday. We had one of these dogs many years ago. He was a great guard dog. They are a smart breed and easy to train. They are known for being territorial and keeping predators away. Also, they are less aggressive than some other dog breeds. Since I am often alone while my husband works long hours, I am happy we got these pups. We have them in the house to bond with us for now because they’re so young.  Also, we are installing wireless fencing outside so they will have boundaries and stay safe on our property.

If you enjoy wildlife check out the deer family that lives at the edge of our backyard that I posted on Instagram. While my husband and I do not hunt, I am not against hunting at all. I live in The Natural State. The hunters in our state are also some of the biggest conservationists I’ve ever met. We are a conservation state. My husband and I simply prefer to watch, photograph, and enjoy their beauty.

Meet Willow and Pepper:

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