Pulling My Hair Out in the Grocery Store

“Your potassium is extremely low. Eat bananas.” states my PCP

“Bananas give me migraines.” I reply.

“Okay. Google potassium rich foods.” replies my PCP.

*I go home and Google potassium rich foods.* Most foods rich in potassium , except POTATOES, are bad for Gastroparesis.

So, I go to Walmart with my husband Sunday. Yes, I grocery shop at Walmart. I live in rural Arkansas. I live thirty-five minutes driving distance in the middle of three average sized towns. We shop in the smallest of those three because of traffic and the ability to get me out of the house and back home quickly. That town has two grocery stores: Walmart and Cash Saver.  Walmart is also my pharmacy, and I know the people well who work there.  Once again, it’s Arkansas. But I digress…

Back to me in the grocery store trying to find potassium rich foods that I can digest with this jacked up stomach!

My doctor said strawberries are rich in potassium, but they didn’t show up on a list.  I love strawberries, and they don’t bother me if I eat a cup at a time. They went into the buggy.  Also, while I don’t exactly LIKE raisins, I can tolerate them.  I bought some raisins.  I guess I will be munching on some raisins and pretending they are tasty M&M’s. A girl can dream, right?

I live on soft Lean Cuisine meals mainly because I can’t stand long enough to cook anymore, and my husband works 10-12 hour days.  If I DO feel like eating a meal, I eat a Lean Cuisine meal.  I can use my rollator to get to the microwave and hit the buttons.  They’re not as bad as some of the other microwave meals.  With Gastroparesis, I can’t eat wonderful leafy green vegetables like I love anymore.  So processed foods aren’t off the list for me.  I’m on a Step 2 Gastroparesis diet by the way.  I move to a Step 1 when I am flaring.

Other than potatoes, raisins, and strawberries, I didn’t really find any super potassium foods I could eat with Gastroparesis.  My PCP mentioned that she would prescribe Liquid Potassium if my levels came back extremely low.  I’m still waiting to find out the verdict.pulling_hair_out copy


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