Pain, Agony, and Faith

Today has been one of those days when I’ve cried out to the Lord for His healing mercy because I feel too weak to go another step without His touch. His Grace. His mercy.

It is Day 4 on Northera. I was warned about possible nausea and gastrointestinal side effects. I have gastroparesis. The nausea the last two days has literally brought me to my knees. I have lost 3.6 pounds since starting this drug. However, those are the only side effects I’ve had thus far on my titration journey. Oh but the stabbing pain and the anxiety of wondering if I’ll lose too much weight on this drug is a lot to contemplate.

A few hours ago, I called my neurologist’s office in tears asking if I could take phenergan with Northera because I was in the fetal position hugging my Dachshund begging God for relief.

I have a high pain tolerance. Northera is aggravating my gastroparesis. It’s also bringing up my blood pressure numbers. There’s a positive to this expensive drug. I’m going to keep taking it. I MUST keep taking it.

Midodrine and Mestinon won’t bring my blood pressure up. A patient isn’t supposed to lie down after taking Midodrine because it can cause supine hypertension. I can lie down after taking Midodrine and still have orthostatic HYPOTENSION. So, something has to give.

Northera may be my last hope for getting this Autonomic failed body upright for more than a few minutes without symptoms.

I’d like to do it minus the writhing around in bed begging God to miraculously cure my stomach.

For now, I suppose I will be popping Phenergan with my Northera until my body gets used to this new very strong medication. I’m praying that happens quickly.

6 thoughts on “Pain, Agony, and Faith

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