My Phoebe

Strolling through the crowded flea market, on a mission to find a new love,

my eyes darted in all directions, seeking but not finding, the Black and Tan beauty my heart yearned for desperately.

Turning a corner, I glimpsed three crates with wiggling crimson pups.

Disheartened, I continued walking but heard a yip that made me turn around. I looked straight into the melted chocolate eyes of a tiny little soul begging for attention.

My feet moved before my mind told them to do so. I asked the woman if I could hold the tiny red pup, and she said sure.

A dachshund no bigger than the palm of my hand immediately climbed my chest and burrowed into my hair while giving me kisses. I fell in love. My mourning heart from having lost our other dachshund in 2015 felt a little lighter. It didn’t matter the cost for adoption. This pup picked me.

She has been by my side ever since.

Phoebe is my companion. She is a therapy dog without the formal training. When I am having a really bad pain day, Phoebe knows it. She stays glued to me all day long. She has been a great help for my loneliness and depression. She makes me smile and laugh every single day.

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