Fighting The Heat

I missed my weekly wanderings this weekend. Today, the heat index got up to 101 with the humidity. I have heat intolerance and cannot deal with the heat at all. We did get up early enough to walk around the yard for my physical therapy. We saw two snakes: a king snake and a hog nose snake, also called a spreading adder. Neither snake is venomous. The king snake was trying to trick the hog nose snake by shaking its tail like a rattler! We left them alone, although the king snake had to be persuaded not to follow us with a kind reminder from my husband. I think it was irritated we interrupted its breakfast. Interesting physical therapy session to say the least!

So, my husband and I are going to have to figure out how to get me out of the house this summer. We may have to go buy groceries in the middle of the night when it has cooled down to a more manageable 80 degrees. We may have to set the alarm clock and go before the sun rises…although my fibromyalgia and arthritis would HATE that schedule.

Trying to navigate life with multiple chronic illnesses is a never ending chore. I’m thankful for the warmer weather because my joints and fibromyalgia won’t hurt AS much. They still hurt but cold months are awful.

The month of April might as well be renamed Migraine Month in this house.

So, summertime DOES have some advantages.

Unfortunately, I need to stay in the AC, stay wet, or stay home to make it through Arkansas summers. Simply going from the vehicle into a store can cause me to become very symptomatic.

I’m also STILL trying to figure out how to wear compression stockings without having a heat stroke after all these years living with dysautonomia.

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