Swelling Belly

I woke up yesterday my normal size. By the time I was sitting in the truck heading for my doctor’s appointment, I could feel the Velcro on my abdominal binder start to loosen.

My belly was growing.

I could hear growls, grumbles, and flops like an alien being was begging to spring free.

The claws of Gastroparesis started shredding my insides, reminding me of those delicious Mother’s Day treats I ate while pretending I had a normal digestive tract.

“Go to the ER if your stomach doesn’t calm down in 24 hours,” said my doctor.

I couldn’t sleep last night because of my swelling belly.

It just would not stop.

Today, I wait impatiently. Hoping and praying for some relief…Mad at myself at eating something NOT approved for the step 2 gastroparesis diet…praying for a curing for us all.

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