Cappuccino with a Side of Calm

I ran across a lovely quote on Pinterest this morning as I was sipping my cappuccino.

The words are beautiful. The message strikes to the core of my very soul. I so wish to embrace everything spoken in this quote.

However, I have multiple chronic illnesses. Those illnesses led to anxiety and depression. I am not simply “disheartened” by the uncertainty of life. I am disheartened by the uncertainty of whether or not I will stay conscious the entire day.

Yet, I WANT to embrace the serenity in this inspirational quote. I want to simply “decide” to sit down and enjoy the ride.

I don’t get to “decide.” I am not the one in control. My body decides for me. Listening to my body and being smart about my day to day decisions are helping me.

Pushing myself until I fainted and collapsed because I listened to the “Just be positive” and “work through it” messages was a dangerous and stupid way to live.

So, if you’re not battling a chronic illness of any kind including a mental illness, the above quote may be for you. It’s a great one! Why worry about things we can’t change? Relax. Go with the flow. I’ve heard a lot of sayings.

They don’t work to well for me now.

If I go with the flow, someone please be downstream with a rope to drag my drowning butt to the riverbank. 😜

Have a great weekend! If you’re a mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

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